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patrickcty 6月 25, 2021

在配置 Swin-Transformer-Object-Detection 的过程中出现了 pycocotools 不兼容额问题,但是另一个类似的环境在安装 mmdetection 的时候并没有问题。(pycocotools 版本相同)

于是按照 mmdetection 的结构对 mmdet/datasets/coco.py 进行修改。

修改 COCOCOCOEval 的引用:

from .api_wrappers import COCO, COCOeval

去掉 get_img_ids 的参数

self.img_ids = self.coco.get_img_ids()

新建 mmdet/datasets/api_wrappers/coco_api.py,将以下内容粘贴进去

# This file add snake case alias for coco api

import warnings

import pycocotools
from pycocotools.coco import COCO as _COCO
from pycocotools.cocoeval import COCOeval as _COCOeval

class COCO(_COCO):
    """This class is almost the same as official pycocotools package.

    It implements some snake case function aliases. So that the COCO class has
    the same interface as LVIS class.

    def __init__(self, annotation_file=None):
        if getattr(pycocotools, '__version__', '0') >= '12.0.2':
                'mmpycocotools is deprecated. Please install official pycocotools by "pip install pycocotools"',  # noqa: E501
        self.img_ann_map = self.imgToAnns
        self.cat_img_map = self.catToImgs

    def get_ann_ids(self, img_ids=[], cat_ids=[], area_rng=[], iscrowd=None):
        return self.getAnnIds(img_ids, cat_ids, area_rng, iscrowd)

    def get_cat_ids(self, cat_names=[], sup_names=[], cat_ids=[]):
        return self.getCatIds(cat_names, sup_names, cat_ids)

    def get_img_ids(self, img_ids=[], cat_ids=[]):
        return self.getImgIds(img_ids, cat_ids)

    def load_anns(self, ids):
        return self.loadAnns(ids)

    def load_cats(self, ids):
        return self.loadCats(ids)

    def load_imgs(self, ids):
        return self.loadImgs(ids)

# just for the ease of import
COCOeval = _COCOeval